2015 Gender Academy

A global event on gender, work and development

16/11/2015 - 27/11/2015 Turin, Italy

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Past speakers (2013)

Andrea Stroppiana Andrea Stroppiana
Andrea Stroppiana works for an NGO active in international development projects. Since 1995 he is a freelance consultant and trainer for international institutions in the field of PCM, RBM, M&E and participatory decision making.
Casabianca, Zarrilli Elizabeth Casabianca
Elizabeth Jane Casabianca joined the UNCTAD Trade, Gender and Development Section in 2013. She has an academic background in economics, including econometrics and teaching and research experience at the university level.
Claudy Vouhé Claudy Vouhé
Claudy Vouhé has been involved in the Gender and Development domain for more than 20 years, and dedicates herself in particular to the integration of gender in the macro frameworks and public policies. She is a feminist, educator, activist and co-founder in 2003 of the International Francophone Network Gender in Action, of which she is president since 2009.
Dana Peebles Dana Peebles
Dana Peebles is a consultant and has 30 years of progressively senior experience in international development, with 24 years in gender equality and 6 in adult basic education.
Daniel Cork Daniel Cork
Dan Cork is Technical Specialist on Industrial Relations and Discrimination at Better Work Global in Geneva. He brought his experience in combating gender-based violence at work to the Academy debate.
Daniela Bertino Daniela Bertino
Daniela Bertino is a former official of ITCILO. She has worked for the Centre since 1977, deploying her expertise in training methodology, women in development and social dialogue as a trainer and training manager.
Fatime Ndiaye Fatime Ndiaye
Fatime Christiane N’Diaye is the Principal Technical Specialist for Gender for French speaking Africa at the Regional Office of the ILO for Africa. Lawyer by education, she has a 20 year experience at the International Labour Organization.
Hege Wagan Hege Wagan
Hege Wagan is a Senior Gender Equality Adviser in UNAIDS. Her area of expertise is in gender, development and HIV, with a focus on participatory development processes.
Heidi Holt Zachariassen Heidi Holt Zachariassen
Heidi Holt Zachariassen is a sociologist who worked as a gender advisor in the Norwegian development organisation Digni for the past seven years. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for Gender Research at the University of Oslo.
J. Hodges, J. Morris Jane Hodges
Jane Hodges (Australia) is the former Director of the Gender Equality Bureau for the International Labour Organization (ILO) based in Geneva.
Jo Morris Jo Morris
Jo Morris is Visiting Professor in Practice, London School of Economics and Political Science, Gender Institute and European Commission Social Partner Expert to EIGE.
Jolanta Reingarde Jolanta Reingarde
Jolanta Reingarde has been a senior researcher/analyst at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) since 2010. She has wide experience researching intimate partner violence, work-life balance issues, heteronormativity at work, men, fatherhood and masculinities.
Laura Addati Laura Addati
Laura Addati works at the International Labour Office in Geneva as Maternity Protection and Work-Family Specialist in the Conditions of Work and Equality Department (WORKQUALITY).
Lenni George Lenni George
Lenni George has been an International facilitator for more than 20 years and worked in more than 40 different countries for the UN EU and governments. She has worked actively on gender and other types of equality issues since 1987.
Lou Tessier Lou Tessier
Lou is an expert in social protection from a gender perspective, and works at the Social Protection Department of the ILO.
Lucie Davoine Lucie Davoine
Dr. Lucie Davoine is a policy officer in the Gender equality unit of the European Commission, in the Directorate-General for Justice. She is specialised in gender inequalities on the labour market. As a researcher she published on job quality in Europe and on the economics of happiness.
M. O. Fernández M. O. Fernández
Mikel Otxotorena Fernandez holds a Master’s Degree in International Cooperation, and another in Gender Equality. His academic and professional trajectory is linked to both topics. Mikel likes to work in constant interaction with people, and in the field of gender equality, particularly on the topic of sensitizing men.
Maria Cristina Spinosa Maria Cristina Spinosa
Maria Cristina Spinosa has a career as a national politician specialised in gender and equal opportunities.
Maria José Chamorro Maria José Chamorro
From 2004 to 2008 Maria José Chamorro was Technical Officer at IPEC Geneva, responsible for three thematic areas: Domestic Child Labour, Commercial Sexual Child Exploitation and Children affected by Armed Conflicts. In 2008, she joined the San José Team of Decent Labour. 
Mr Moez Doraid Moez Doraid
Dr. Moez Doraid is the Director of the Coordination Division of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women).
Nat Clegg Nat Clegg
Nat Clegg is a pedagogist and facilitator, and specializes in coaching psychology and enterprise development. With the EU and ILO, he developed the toolkit on Breaking Gender Stereotypes.
Nathalie Stadelmann Nathalie Stadelmann
Nathalie Stadelmann is an human rights officer working in the Special Procedures Branch of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Olivier Malcor Olivier Malcor
Oliver Malcor is an experienced Forum Theatre facilitator with 15 years of global experience, particularly in relation to men's engagement against gender-based violence.
Patricia O'Donovan
Patricia O'Donovan is the first woman to be Director of the International Training Centre of the ILO. 
Peter Wobst Peter Wobst
Peter Wobst is a Senior Economist at the Social Protection Division of FAO and is a specialist on rural development issues and the agricultural sector.
Ruxandra Boros Ruxandra Boros
Ruxandra is a consultant, trainer and lecturer in gender and finance. Over the past year she facilitated seminars on gender in Burundi, Algeria, France, Italy and Australia. Ruxandra has a Master’s Degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University and is working towards a PhD on the subject of gender and women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan (EHESS, Paris and The Graduate Institute, Geneva).
Sara Falcao Casaca Sara Falcao Casaca
Sara Falcao Casaca is Professor of Sociology at the University of Lisbon and researcher at the Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology.
Silvan Agius Silvan Agius
Silvan Agius works for ILGA-Europe where he coordinates the efforts to advocate for equality on the grounds of sexual orientation with the institutions of the European Union, the Council of Europe, and the OSCE.
Simonetta Zarrilli Simonetta Zarrilli
Simonetta Zarrilli is Chief of the Trade, Gender and Development Section of the UN Conference on Trade and Development.
Tahir Manzoor Tahir Manzoor

Tahir Manzoor Hotiana is Deputy Director at the Industrial Relations Institute, Government of Punjab, Lahore. His main competencies include inspection and implementation of various labour laws in the industrial sector of Punjab. He gave an overview of his work on the Gender Responsive Labour Inspection Tool-Kit.

Thorlund, Ariyabandu Thorlund, Ariyabandu
Ana Cristina Angulo-Thorlund is the Gender Focal Point for UNISDR, and works at the Advocacy Unit.
Valerio Tranchida Valerio Tranchida
Valerio Tranchida is an independent consultant with over 15 years of experience in international development cooperation as a gender specialist, field project evaluator, lecturer, facilitator and trainer.