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xA974048-B Gender, Poverty and Employment

The Gender, Poverty and Employment cours will provide you information, analysis and strategies for poverty reduction through decent work for women and men.

This course, based on the ILO “Gender Poverty and Employment” approach, will help you gain a better understanding of the dimensions of poverty, and formulate gender sensitive strategies to address them. Gender-based inequalities differentiate the processes that lead women and men into poverty and out of it, and interact with race, ethnicity and other possible grounds for discrimination. Poverty can also be traced to problems in the world of work - unequal access to employment opportunities, poor working conditions, powerlessness, and economic and social insecurity.

This programme will lead you through the linkages between poverty, lack of access to and control over productive assets, and gender-based discrimination. You will see how the gender-based inequalities and discrimination in the world of work play a role in the circle of poverty and how their elimination has to be part of an integrated poverty reduction agenda.

The course is made up of self-contained Modules, dealing with different key research and policy areas: gender analysis, poverty and the world of work, access to resources, human resource development, promotion of decent employment opportunities and social protection. For each field of action, the Modules highlight the gender dimensions, the obstacles to the empowerment of the poor, and suggest multidimensional strategies to promote "Decent Work" for women and men.

Building your tailor-made programme

The study of the first two Modules is compulsory and a prerequisite to attend the elective ones. You may then build your own tailor-made course, by selecting the Elective Modules that are closer to your personal and professional interests. The Final Module will help you systematize your learning in an integrated framework.

To consult a detailed description of all the modules: click here.

Compulsory Modules
 - Foundation module: gender and development

 - Poverty, gender and employment: trends, issues and approaches

Elective Modules
- Organisational and Negotiating Power: ability to initiate change
- Access to Assets (natural resources, infrastructure)
- Access to Financial Resources
- Investing in Human Capital: Focus on Training
- Expanding Wage employment
- Extending Social Protection

Final Module
- Future Challenges: an Agenda for Action

Language  Language : English
Dates  28 January, 2011 / 31 December, 2015